Only and only Vedic Sanatan Hindu Dharma can teach the full spectrum of     spirituality and the followers of this Dharma who implement its tenets in their life wholeheartedly, can attain Moksha (the Final Liberation), this is an Eternal truth.

Dear Readers, 'Vedic Upasana Peeth' has started its new initiative of "Daily Audio Satsang" (Daily Spiritual Discourse in Hindi and Weekly Spiritual Discourse in English)" through whatsapp. In case you have still not subscribed for the membership of this group then do send a whatsapp message i.e. "Add me in Jagrut Bhav" on 00919717492523 and add other people as well in this group which will give you a chance to learn the different gross and subtle aspect of Vedic Sanatan Dharma and also enable you to spread the tenets of this Divine and eternal Dharma.
During past few years, many readers of our website, seekers of various gurus and curious people have been asking or writing to us about their problems or sufferings in order to seek their solutions. We found many people in the society require guidance and counselling at personal level hence keeping this viewpoint in mind, our organization ‘Upasana’ has started a Spiritual Healing and Counselling Center, where spiritual counselling is being provided for problems whose root causes lie in the spiritual realm. For details, please click here
Weekly satsang is being organised at Vedic Upasana Peeth's Dehli (Delhi) Ashram in which (Paratpar Guru) Tanuja Thakur teaches the gross and subtle dimensions of Dharma and Spirituality. Please do contact us if you are interested in attending the satsang.
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Consider yourself a Hindu only when you consistently follow righteous conduct and daily study and contemplate on Scriptures.”-Paratpar Guru Dr. Jayant Athavale

prafulla chaki

Prafulla Chaki (1888–1908) was a Bengali revolutionary associated with the Jugantar group of revolutionaries who carried out assassinations against British colonial officials in an attempt to secure Indian independence.


Sattvik Chants

I could only sense in my youth that those enigmatic posters of the Indian gods and goddesses were not merely decorative, but magic talismans, offering protection, capable of invoking cosmic energies, as well as a conduit to an extraordinary world.

Dattatreya Chanting – Om Shree Gurudev Datta


Shivji Chanting – Om Namah Shivaya

Goddess Durga, Maa Durga, wallpapers, images, Maa Ambe, Happy Navratri

Durgadevi Chanting – Om Shree Durgadevyaya Namah



Golden opportunity to do sewa in our Delhi Ashram !

Readers, well wishers, seekers and devout Hindus , In order to fulfill the aim of establishing the Hindu Nation sooner , efforts are being made by Vedic Upasana Peeth  through different mediums. We are in need of full time seekers or ……..


Shiva Stuti

कर्पूरगौरं करुणावतारं
संसारसारं भुजगेन्द्रहारम् |
सदा वसन्तं हृदयारविन्दे
भवं भवानीसहितं नमामि ||
Karpoor gauram karunaawataram
sansar saaram bhujgendra haaram….

chanting mala

The best Spiritual Practice (Sadhana) in Kaliyug (Age of Kali)

The best Sadhana in Kaliyug (Age of Kali) -Namsankirtanyog (chanting the Almighty’s name) In the age of Kali, the Sattvikta (purity levels) of the ordinary people have hit the rock bottom and ……

sadhana2 (2)

Clarification of Doubts

Question: According to the scriptures, Atma (soul) cannot be annihilated by anyone and the body will go only after it endures the Prarabdh (destiny).  In this, to what extent are Mantras and Puja helpful ?


Spirituality is understood through Sadhana (spiritual practice)

Spirituality is understood through Sadhana (spiritual practice). If Spirituality is understood, then it becomes easy to comprehend the greatness of Dharma. The core of the process of….

sad child2

Why does God give us sorrow?

God does not give us sorrow, we get sorrow according to our destiny (Prarabdh) and accumulated deeds, due to non-abidance of Dharma in a appropriate manner. Sorrow makes us introvert and…….

guru charan

The Path of guru’s grace, the confluence of many paths

If one’s radio or television set breaks down then one gets it repaired from a mechanic from that field. Similarly, to make spiritual progress one requires a Guru or a person with authority in that field. As one practises Spirituality …


Effect of premise (Vastu)

Any spot where four walls get constructed and the energy that gets activated there, is known as Vaastu Devta. Today, Vaastu has been converted into a fashionable term and several frauds, quoting the scriptures as the basis, misguide….

गुरु शिष्य

Saints guide us according to our spiritual level

Saints prescribe Sadhana for us according to our spiritual ability. This is known as Sadhana as per spiritual level. I would like to recount one inspiring incidents in this context…..

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