Applying tilak on forehead can benefit even a non hindu !

Some people feel that applying a Tilak is a symbol of Hindu Dharma. But infact, it is beneficial for a seeker from any sect or religion who wishes to make spiritual progress.  Just as it is impossible that medicine for a stomach ache manufactured in Japan will not be effective on an American, the underlying spiritual science in Hindutva is suitable for other religions and sects too! Because spiritual science is applicable for allJivatmas (embodied souls), it is not as if it is applicable only forJanma Hindus (Hindus by birth)!
Let’s now understand the basic science behind Tilak.
The mid-point of our eyebrows is called Adnya Chakra. It has a subtle entry point through which benevolent and negative energies both can enter our body. If a paste made of Saatvik material is applied here in a specific shape, the benevolent energy of the Universe gets attracted towards our body and it also protects us from negative energies. While applying a Tilak, Sattvik(spiritually pure) material such as sandalwood paste, Bukka, Vibhuti (holy ash), or turmeric, vermillion etc should be used. Women should apply a round bindi and men, a vertical Tilak if they dont belong to a particular hindu sect. If one belongs to a particular sect, a Tilak should be applied in accordance with his or her sectarian practice.  Applying a Tilak calms the mind as it gives protection from negative energies and attracts divinity, forming a subtle Suraksha Kavach (protective armour)  around the seeker. Nowadays, some women after watching television serials apply Bindi of odd shapes due to which they have problems caused by demonic forces. Similarly, using a plastic bindi available in the market these days too does not benefit in any way as it neither possesses the ability to attract divinity, nor does it possess the energy to counter the attack from negative energies.By applying a Tilak, every embodied seeker definitely derives spiritually scientific benefits, whether he or she is a Hindu or a Christian, or from any other sect. -Tanuja Thakur

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