Applying tilak on forehead can benefit even a non hindu !

Some people feel that applying a Tilak is a symbol of Hindutva. But infact, it is beneficial for a seeker from any sect or religion who wishes to make spiritual progress……

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Principle of Dharma

Giving a reward for excellence and meting out punishment for wrongdoing is one of principles of Dharma.  When this principle is neglected, it does not take long for debauchery to pervade in society. – Tanuja Thakur

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Why should a straight wick be used as compared to puffed up wick?

During puja ritual a lamp is offered at various steps of the ritual according to purpose. For example performance of arti. Two types of wicks are used in the lamp namely Puffed wick and straight wick. Nowadays a puffed wick is used in a ghee lamp or niranjan and used as lamp of worship. The […]

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