Geniune wellwishers are very few in number

Keep in mind, one who is a sincere well-wisher of yours will never praise you falsely; it might be that they say something so bitter, it is difficult to digest, however such people are rare and your real well-wishers. It has been written in Ramcharitamanas : बचन परम हित सुनत कठोरे सुनहिं जे कहहिं ते […]

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The reason for experiencing happiness and sorrow

Most people experience the ups and downs of happiness and sadness as most of the time they keep thinking about what society will think or say about them

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Bhaktiyog (Path of Devotion) the appropriate Sadhana (spiritual practice) in Kaliyug

Why is Bhaktiyog the appropriate Sadhana (spiritual practice) in Kaliyug ?

a)  Bhaktiyog (Path of Devotion) is the simplest path for a Tamoguni attitude
A majority of people in Kaliyug is basically Tamoguni.  Thus….

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Start your spiritual practice at an early age

Those who became saints had started doing Sadhana since an early age. During old age, when there are many thoughts in the mind, the intellect too gives up and the body becomes disease-ridden….

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Importance of Sacrifice

Sacrifice helps to create the space within us to receive. Only when we let go of the sand in our hand, can God fill it with the diamonds that He has in store for us. Sacrifice can be of one’s mind, body or wealth.-Tanuja Thakur  

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Who is True Yogi ?

It is easy to control one’s senses by closing the eyes in solitude, a true Yogi is one who can control the desires while roaming around with open eyes and living in this world of illusion! Like that lotus, which does not get soiled even after remaining in the swamp, only an unattached seeker is […]

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Vedic Sanatan Dharma

In Vedic Sanatan Dharma, the extent of the subtle worlds is to the seven upper Lokas (worlds – Bhu, Bhuva, Swarg, Mahar, Jana, Tapa and Satya Lok) and to seven Pataals (lower sublte worlds) and in other so called Dharma (all are Kaliyugi, meaning of the age of Kali, hence it would be best to […]

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Spirituality is understood through Sadhana (spiritual practice)

Spirituality is understood through Sadhana (spiritual practice). If Spirituality is understood, then it becomes easy to comprehend the greatness of Dharma. The core of the process of….

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Authorities in Spirituality

Spirituality is a science which can be learnt, experienced only and only under a saint or evolved seeker because they practice spirituality and so has the authority. We do not have lecturers in this field of science we either have the curious, the seeker, the disciple or the saint  ! -Tanuja Thakur

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