Is it fine to have an objective of becoming a spiritual guide or a master?

Is it fine to have an objective of becoming a spiritual guide or a master ? A seeker has asked me today that is it fine to have an objective of becoming a spiritual guide or a master ? Aiming to be a spiritual master is a good thing but in spirituality I feel its […]

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Importance of Chanting, Prayer and Gratitude

If every act starts with a prayer and ends with gratitude, and during the act the chanting occurs continously  then our daily routine becomes a Yadnya Karma (spiritual deed, like a spiritual oblation offered to Fire God), in which the entire Karmaphal (fruits or consequences of an action) get burnt and destroyed. While implenting these […]

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Why do saints and evolved seekers talk less ?

Answer:  Because their Sanskars (tendencies of mind)  has decreased.While talking they have to come down to word level (shabdjanya star) and they love being connected to the divine (shabdateet level) hence they  avoid unwanted talks which is a basically a hindrance in their Satchitanand state . -Tanuja Thakur

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Question : What is the difference between a Saint and a Guru


What is the difference between a Saint and a Guru?

Answer: Saints too are at different spiritual levels as per their spiritual practice, saints of the status of Guru (70% spiritual level) emit vibrations of Shakti (energy); saints at the status of Sadguru (spiritual master) at 80% spiritual level, are saints of the next higher level and they emit vibrations of bliss. These vibrations are even […]

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Gold gets purified only after it is put in the fire.

Just as a potter taps an earthen pot baked in fire to test how much it has been baked and identifies the fully baked earthen pots on this basis, similarly, Guru and God too put a seeker’s Sadhakatva  (seekerhood) and Sharanagati (surrender) through a test by creating adverse circumstances !  Actually, adverse circumstances are like […]

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When does a Guru distance a disciple from Himself ?

1. When a disciple is unqualified and even after making several efforts, does not try to rid himself of his defects. 2. The disciple has experienced the zenith of Gurubhakti (devotion unto the Master), then there is no difference between the Master and the disciple, then the Master leaves the disciple to ideate on his […]

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Guru’s strange ways of teaching

On 17th July 2001, I was travelling in a bus and reading a newspaper, there, I saw a celebrity’s photograph in it , a question arose in my mind , whose merits (punya) are more, a seeker like me or a celebrity of international standard like her . In the evening a friend of mine […]

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Please increase your sadhana instead of trying to increase the followership

Recently I came across sanyasi , after a few formal meetings and discussion and seeing the huge number of friends on my page He asked me to add all the members in his group , when I told him its not possible due to time constraint, then he asked for my personal password for my […]

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God is one

In a potter’s shop there are vessels of different shapes and forms–pots, jars, dishes, plates, etc. but all are made of one clay. So God is one, but is worshipped in different ages and climes under different names and aspects.

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