Why is Bhaktiyog the appropriate Sadhana (spiritual practice) in Kaliyug ?


a)  Bhaktiyog (Path of Devotion) is the simplest path for a Tamoguni attitude
A majority of people in Kaliyug is basically Tamoguni.  Thus, doing the Sadhana through Dnyanyog (Path of Knowledge) , Karmayog (Path of  Action), Dhyanyog (Path of Meditation) etc is difficult for them.  Bhaktiyog is the simplest pathway  for Kaliyugi beings because a seeker can tread  this path and do Sadhana, even being Tamoguni(spiritually impure).  On the contrary, to do Sadhana according to Dnyanyog,  it is important to have a sharp and pure intellect.   For Karmayog, doing Nishkaam (without expectation) and Akartapan Karma (doing an action without a sense of doer-ship) also is difficult.  Due to a predominance of Tamogun, keeping one’s patience for several  years and controlling the Vrutti (desire) of the mind and hence meditating too is difficult.  Hence, in Kaliyug, Sahajyog (simple Yog), meaning Bhaktiyog and Naamsankirtanyog (singing the glory of the God) is the simplest Sadhana.
b) The people get naturally attracted toward Sakam Bhakti (devotion with expectation) due to problems in practical life
In  Kaliyug, severity of Prarabdh (destiny) is more in evidence.  Compared to other Yugas (epochs), due to  the deterioration of the three parts of Dharma, an ordinary person does not attach much importance to Dharma and Sadhana; hence problems caused by negative energies too are more.  In such a situation, keeping the Bhav of surrender unto God’s feet, making spiritual progress is the simplest path.  In Bhaktiyog, a seeker first does Sakam (with expectation) Sadhana, meaning Sadhana with expectation and once the expectations are fulfilled, the devotion begins increasing and the seeker moves from Sakam to Nishkam Bhakti (devotion without expectation).  Nishkam Bhakti leads to spiritual progress and the seeker, starts to make progress on the path of Sadhana.

c)  Paucity of time for Sadhana in Kaliyug
Due to the deterioration of Dharma in Kaliyug, there has been a decline in seekerhood; consequently, it is difficult to take out time to do Sadhana, as such doing the God’s Naamsankirtanyog ( Path of chanting the God’s name) is the easiest Sadhana.

d) More evidence of Bhaktimargi Guru in Kaliyug
In Kaliyug, it is difficult to find an able Guru who is following a pathway other than the path of devotion and it’s easy to find a Guru under Bhaktiyog; hence in Kaliyug, Bhaktiyog is the most appropriate pathway.

e) Attaining other Yogmarg through Bhaktiyog
Bhaktiyog, meaning, when following the path of Naamsankirtanyog,  chanting becomes continuity  is like meditating even in the awakened state as the mind is in unison with the Almighty.  When chanting becomes continuous, even Karma (action) becomes Akarma (non-action), meaning it does not lead to  Karmaphal (fruit of action), hence Karmayog too becomes attainable.  Om, means the formless nature, or name of God, that led to the creation of the entire universe and all the Vedas; hence a seeker who has become one with the name automatically gets the Anubhuti of omniscience, which is attainable through Dnyanyog.

Ultimately, a Dnyanmargi Uddhav had been granted Dnyan (Absolute knowledge) by the Gopis, who had experienced the pinnacle of Bhakti (devotion).-Tanuja Thakur

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