How Does one develop Detachment (Vairagya)

When experiencing objects fulfilling one’s desire through The God, Guru and saints one gradually develops detachment (vairagya) for them and becomes qualified to follow the spiritual path. This phenomenon does not occur if desires are fulfilled by subordinate deities (kshudradevata).

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Spiritual Reasons: Cause of 80% of Problems in Our material life

Many of us suffer with lots of problems in our day to day life from chronic addiction to very strained marital relationship and try to find the solutions to all these problems at mental and intellectual plane. In fact,  80% of our problems in material life are due to spiritual reason i.e. the root cause […]

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Discrimination In Our Country

I really feel grateful to my Shreeguru who never ever made any kind of discrimination while giving me the different kind of seva in Dharmprasar, for being a female. A leading sectarian head of north India , two days back denied to share the dias with me for a spiritual programme as I am a […]

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Chetan Das Baba

Several saints are not recognized by ordinary people and they perform Sadhana secretly. In April 2010, I had gone to Dehri-on-Sone in Bihar for a five-day discourse. On the fourth day, when I reached the venue, a Bhajan being sung from the stage in an extremely sweet, divine voice caught my attention. The voice was […]

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How to stay in Blissful State

Most of the people experience happiness and sorrow because they keep thinking what will the world think about them , when one starts thinking what should I do to please God , we start being in bliss ! – Tanuja Thakur

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