Vedic Sanatan Dharma

In Vedic Sanatan Dharma, the extent of the subtle worlds is to the seven upper Lokas (worlds – Bhu, Bhuva, Swarg, Mahar, Jana, Tapa and Satya Lok) and to seven Pataals (lower sublte worlds) and in other so called Dharma (all are Kaliyugi, meaning of the age of Kali, hence it would be best to call them sects), the sublte worlds extend only uptil Swarga (heaven). After all, the knowledge about subtle and the expansion of the subtle world will correspond only with the spiritual capability of the founder !

The poor founders themselves could go no further than Swarga, then how would they be able to tell about the sublte worlds beyond that, this again makes one realise the pre-eminence and comprehensiveness of  Vedic Dharma.  According to Vedic scriptures, the one who reaches Swarga Lok is called Punyatma (meritorious soul) and those who go beyond Swarga Lok are called Divyatma (divine soul); but those who formed sects that were against Vedic Dharma, would they even have been Punyatmas themselves?  Just think about it!

All such Dharmasansthapaks (founders of sects) were without a Guru (Master) and were self-proclaimed saints, or Avatars (incarnations), thus some said that cow’s meat should be eaten to break a fast, while some said that all that has been written in Vedas is incorrect, others said that nothing needs to be done for the ancestors, for they do not exist, some said that there is no rebirth, while others said that rebirth takes place soon after death, still others said that instead of Sanskrut, scriptures must be written in Pali and Prakrut and they propagated these languages, some said that idol worship is a sin!

And Kaliyugi people refer to such people as Avatars and saints !!  Wow!  What sagacity people of Kaliyug possess !- Tanuja Thakur

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