The Holy Cow

Cow , the epitome of vedic sanskruti !

Cow , the epitome of vedic sanskruti ! ‘सर्व देवा स्थिता देहे सर्व देवामिहि गौ’ “SARVE DEVAAH STHITA DEHE SARVA DEVAMAYEEHI GAOU” The above shloka means that all the deities dwell in the body of a cow. Therefore the cow itself is as holier, as the deities. The cow symbolizes the dharma itself. It is […]

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Are cows considered to be sacred due to their utility value to man ?

Recently, on an Internet forum, a reader posted a question as to why Hindus consider cows, among all animals, as sacred. “Why not the Bengal tiger or the elephant, which hover on the edge, as endangered species?” the reader asked. The general response was that many of the factors in considering the cow to be […]

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Eastern and western concept about cows

Cow is a sacred animal for we hindus !I visited few cattle ranches in Italy and was shocked to hear that the calves are not allowed to drink the milk of their mother from the very first day they are born, on the other hand they are served processed milk i.e. watered milk powder. For […]

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