Hindu Rashtra will be established through the resolve of saints

Several people ask as to how Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation) can be established with the presence of so many evildoers, separatists and unreligious elements?
Hindu Rashtra will be established through the resolve of saints ! Remember, one who brings such deeds in reality, which is beyond the imagination of an ordinary being, is known as a being enriched with Braahmtej (divine consciousness)! And today the same Braahmtej will resuscitate and grant a fresh lease of life to Bharat ! The resolve in the mind of several such divine beings endowed with Braahmtej will be grasped by the beings endowed with Kshaatrtej (warrior-like attitude) and the dream of a Hindu Rashtra will become a reality. And in this process, on a subtle plane, incarnations like Shri Ram, Shree Krushna and other gods-goddesses, Sapt Chiranjeev (seven eternal ones) and hidden Siddha Yogi (perfect ascetics), all will assist in this task and nature in its destructive form will annihilate the evil doers ! The process has already started and we are standing as witnesses at the threshold of a golden future and stand at the portals of its Sandhikaal (transition period); but before this golden age is ushered in, the pots of sin of the evil ones will flow over, great destruction will occur and only after that the work of Navanirman (fresh beginning) will start from the year 2023!!
Therefore, do not be mere witnesses to such a historic epoch, but become a part of it by extending your helping hand in the process and for this one needs to do Sadhana. By becoming active participants in the activities of Rashtrarakshan (nation buliding) and Dharmajagruti (awakening about Dharma) by contributing your mite and be on the side of Dharma. Remember, in the near future, along with the evil ones, some gentlemen too will become victims of destruction in large numbers! History bears witness to the fact that silent watchman of Adharma and Rashtradoh (treason) have been destroyed over the ages, everyone would be well-aware of the authenticity of this fact.- Tanuja Thakur

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