Islamists rally for Palestine, call for a united assault on Israel by Muslim nations

May 20, 2021

Amidst ongoing tension between Israel and Gaza, pro-Palestine Islamists are holding protests across the world against Israel. Many videos have surfaced recently in which they were seen attacking Jewish people in the US, Canada, and the UK. On May 19 (local time), Jake Wallis Simons, Deputy Editor, Jewish Chronicle, shared a video on his Twitter account in which an Islamist was seen calling for Islamic countries to initiate Jihad against Israel.
In the video, the man said, “The reason why we are here is that we are Muslim. Those brothers in Palestine are our brothers. That’s our blood. Our war is one. Our deen is one. Our Usool is one. The solution is very simple. Jihad. We have armies. We have tanks. We have soldiers. What are they waiting for? This goes out to the Muslim armies. What are you waiting for? Jihad is the responsibility of you. Wipe out that Zionist density. How dare they? How can they occupy [our place]. The Muslim youth here, we the Muslim in the west, we are with you. We will make dua for you. Make Jihad. Remove the Zionist.”

The man further said, “You have these armies and tanks. What for? Remove them. We make dua for you. Inshaallah very soon, very soon, you will see when we remove these dictators, these tyrants, and we replace another Hazrat Umar, and we send you another Salahuddin. And you Zionist entity will be no more. We don’t fear anyone but our Allah. We don’t fear United Nations, British Government. We don’t give a damn. We only fear Allah. Jihad hasbinallah by the armies.”

It is notable here that lakhs of Muslims, and supporters of the Palestinian cause have been taking out protests marches in many countries like The UK, US and several Europian nations. Recently, protest marches in London and Belgium have seen hundreds of thousands of people joining in, calling for assault against Israel and condemning Israel’s action against Hamas rocket attack.

Who was Salahuddin?

The man mentioned sending another “Salahuddin” in his provocative speech. Salahuddin or Al-Nasir Salah al-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub was a Sunni Muslim Kurd ruler and the first sultan of Egypt and Syria. He was the one who led Muslim military campaigns against the Crusader states. During his time, he ruled regions that are now known as Egypt, Syria, Upper Mesopotamia, western Arabia, Yemen, Palestine, parts of western North Africa, and Nubia. In 1187, he had captured Jerusalem.

The Israel-Gaza conflict

The long-standing territorial-control issues between Israel and the pro-Palestinian forces have once again escalated, resulting in large-scale violence and attacks. The fresh violence in the region took place after the eviction of Palestinian tenants from the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in east Jerusalem. Hamas, the terrorist organization, has fired thousands of rockets on Israel. Most were intercepted by Israel’s state-of-the-art defence system, popularly known as the Iron Dome. In retaliation, Israel has destroyed several buildings, including key Hamas operation sites, and command centres.

Source : OPINDIA

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