How to do chanting while following our daily routine ?

One obstacle that majority of people recount is being unable to find time for spiritual practice. Let us know the reasons behind this common problem and its solutions.

In most cities, the rush for office starts, early in the morning. Yet, you can painlessly accommodate spiritual practice in your daily routine. For instance, you can do  Naam Jap (chanting) while commuting to your workplace,  Naam Sankirtan Yog (The path of  Chanting of God’s name) is the easiest mode of  spiritual practice for ‘Kaliyug’ (the age of Kali). These days, the intense desire for so-called entertainment has grown roots like a social evil. This distortion leads people in metropolitan cities (Metros) to switch on FM radio channels, or wear mobile earphones early in the morning while travelling. Thus, they begin the most important part of their day with blaring songs and music that induces negative or tam influences that stays in their head entire day. Instead, this precious morning hour can be easily utilised for chanting.

You can play a CD of Namjap (available with us), play devotional hymns sung by saints, or play verses in Sanskrut.  By doing this, a propitious environment for Namjap is created and the mind gets focused and starts chanting almost without any special effort. According to modern research, 80% of our physical and mental problems are psychosomatic in nature – meaning,  we suffer  mainly due to a restless mind.  Thus, we must surely make efforts to calm our mind and there cannot be any better and simpler medium of keeping the mind peaceful than chanting.  Not only does Namjap earn the grace of God to the seeker, it also reduces the flow of unnecessary thoughts to our mind.  Please remember, the lesser number of thoughts there are in our mind, the more  our mental, intellectual and spiritual ability increases.

You can also stick pictures of your Guru (Master) or the  deity you venerate,  paste vastu shuddhi  stickers or vehicle purification stickers (available with us).  By doing this, your vehicle will become a spiritually purer place for your spiritual practice.  Due to  exponential growth in the number of vehicles, our roads are clogged due to traffic jams and it often takes many people two-three hours commuting to and from the office in a vehicle in metros.   This time can be utilized for doing sadhana(spiritual practice) .

I have discussed this issue because whenever Namjap is recommended, a lot of people claim they can not find time for it. In Kaliyug (the ‘Age of Kali’) ‘maya’ (illusion) is at its pinnacle.  Thus, we must intelligently take out time from our daily routine to do sadhana. Those who commute to office by public transport can also easily do Namjap en route.  Instead of listening to film songs on the mobile phones, you can make an effort to listen to spiritual hymns, Namjap or verses to facilitate chanting.

If you travel by public transport, before starting the chanting, say a prayer unto your Guru (Master) or to the Deity you venerate, thus, “O God, I am going to do Namjap.  May my chanting continue with single-mindedness, may a Suraksha Kavach (protective armour) be formed on my mind and intellect, so that the unwanted and tam vibrations of people around, do not affect me and may I continue to chant unabated, grant me Thy mercy thus.”  Also try to do prayer in your own language , it helps in building bhav(spiritual emotion) with the Almighty easily.  After making such efforts for a few days, your mind will be at peace and the chanting will start automatically in your mind, even in a crowded place.- Tanuja Thakur

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