How much chanting should be done?

chanting+near+hut2To begin with, try to sit with a Jaap Mala (rosary) and chant for at least 15 minutes every day. If you are not able to chant in the morning, do so after returning from work. Wash your hands and feet, sit down and try to do chanting. Every householder must make an effort to take out at least 15 minutes from the daily routine for chanting and gradually extend it to up to two hours. You will experience a pleasant change in the physical and mental health; several domestic problems will automatically disappear; the mind will start being more peaceful and blissful and you will also start getting success in professional life with minimal effort and progress spiritually too.
Several students have told me that having started efforts at chanting, their grasping power and memorising power improved tremendously. Housewives must surely do chanting while cooking and serving food. It assimilates the divine consciousness of God into the food and through the medium of food, it enter the subtle body of the family members and brings about a change in their attitude.
Before going to sleep daily, do analyse your efforts at the spiritual plane and assess your new objectives in this direction. Remember, our efforts should be to make the chanting regular and non-stop. Even if chanting is non-stop, you must continue to sit and chant for at least one hour. This strengthens the impression of chanting in the subconscious mind. A blissful state is experienced and one also receives the strength to fight negative energies. If the chanting is done for a couple of hours in the morning, one is protected from the attack by negative energies for the entire day and difficulties caused by negative energies in practical life.-Tanuja Thakur

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