The best Spiritual Practice (Sadhana) in Kaliyug (Age of Kali)

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The best Sadhana  in Kaliyug (Age of Kali) – Namsankirtanyog (chanting the Almighty’s name) In the age of Kali, the Sattvikta (purity levels) of the ordinary people have hit the rock bottom and understanding the profound gist of Vedas and Upanishads has become extremely difficult. Thus, Sadhana of Dnyanayog (Path of knowledge) has also become difficult.  At present, people do not even have time to perform Puja (ritualistic worship) for 10 minutes.
Hence, performing Dhyanyog(meditation) and concentrating for years altogether too is not possible.  Similarly, performing the rites and rituals according to Karm Kaand (the ritualistic procedures laid down in the scriptures) also have become difficult during the present times, since procuring satttvik(spiritually pure) material  is alos a problem and a  Purohit(priest) who is sattvik and well versed in scriptures is extremely important for performing such rites and rituals. Besides, it is also not easy to follow the stringent rules laid down for Karm Kaand.
Hence, the easiest path in Kaliyug is Bhakti Marg (the path of devotion), and under it, is Namsankirtanyog (Path of chanting the God’s name). This is the most simple and easy path of Sadhana in the present time. Now, we will take a look at the importance of Namsankirtanyog: It has been said in Manusmriti: ये पाकयज्ञाश्चत्वारो विधियज्ञसमन्विता: । सर्वे ते जपयज्ञस्य कलां नार्हन्तिषोडशीम् ।। -(मनुस्मृति २.८६) Ye pakayagnaaashchtvaro vidhiyagyasamanvitah Sarve te japaygyasy kalaam naarhantishodasheem – (Manusmriti, 2.86) Meaning : The four ritualistic sacrifices [namely Vaishvadev, Balikarma, Nityashraddha and offering food to guests (Atithibhojan)] do not match even the 16th grade of the sacrificial fire of chanting (japayadnya) •
The word Jap in Naamjap (chanting) originates from ‘Ja´+ ‘Pa’.  The word Jap has been described as ‘जकारो जन विच्छेदकः पकारो पाप नाशक: ‘Jakaro jan vicchedakah pakaro paap naashakah’ meaning That which liberates us from the cycle of birth and death, and destroys our sins is called Jap.  • Continuity in Sadhana is possible only with Naamjap(chanting). If we desire unison with the eternal Supreme Being, we will have to do continuous Sadhana; like read the scriptures continuously (according to Gnan Yog); or sit in continuous mediation; do ‘Traatak’ or Pranayam ; or sing Bhajans (devotional hymns) non-stop; undertake pilgrimages; or listen to Kirtans (devotional songs) or discourses continuously. But it is not possible to do these things  twenty four hours of the day.
Besides, for a householder, looking after home, children, job and  balancing all this  then doing Sadhana at the same time is very difficult. Hence, the best method to maintain continuity in Sadhana  is chanting.  Some people have a misunderstanding that we can make spiritual progress through Aasans (Yogic postures) and Pranayam(breathing exercises).  This in itself is an erroneous perception.   Aasans and Pranayam do not have the ability to ensure our spiritual progress.  They can only purify to some extent our gross body and Pran Deh (vital energy body) .These bodies can be purified through other means also.  Hence, Aasans and Pranayam have not been given much importance in spiritual progress.
I will cite an example.   In Godda district of Jharkhand, a family have been doing Aasans and Pranayam under the guidance of a Yoga Master and also teaches the same to others. But all members of this family suffer from physical and mental troubles because their ancestors are extremely unsatiated and they also face the wrath of Kuldevi (family deity). Yogic Kriyas (some physical  techniques as per deliberate rigour or hathyog ) can purify the body, but cannot grant Gati (momentum after life) to the ancestors; nor can the family deities be appeased. For resolving all these troubles, appropriate Sadhana (spiritual practice) had to be done.
Ever since this family started appropriate Sadhana , the severity of their problems has been  decreasing. Aasans and Pranayam are apt for those who are not able to do Sadhana through any other means.  Aasans and Pranayam merely purify the body, and by enhancing the physical capacity, one gets the power to endure Prarabdh (destiny). By doing Sadhana through any other Yogmarg (path of spiritual practice), the physical body and Pran Deh can be purified only by 20% to 30%. But to be able to proceed to heaven and the regions beyond it such as Maha, Jan, Tap, or Satya Lok, the purification of all the bodies is absolutely necessary.
Through chanting, complete purification of all the  four bodies ie. gross body, mind, intellect and ego is possible. This is the importance of Namsankirtanyog.-Tanuja Thakur

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