The life breath of politics is Dharma

Are you aware that at the court of King Dashrath, Rushi Vashishth, Maharshi Gautam, Maharshi Vamdev, Jaabal Rushi, Rushi Kashyap, Chiranjeev Markandeya Rushi Suyadnya, Maharshi Katyayani and a host of other Rushis-Munis adorned ministerial posts. Along with these Brahmarushis, as per the old tradition, Rutvij (Brahmadnyanis) too worked as ministers and the entire affairs of the state were run with their counsel. This has been mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan; but some ignorant ones and those who do Ekangi Sadhana (lop-sided Sadhana) feel that saints should not enter politics and both, Dharma and politics must be kept apart!! The life breath of politics is Dharma, politics bereft of Dharma makes the statecrafts unrighteous and a zero as ideals, inclining them towards behaving in a manner that demons used to behave!

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