Wealth in the shrines should be utilized to impart edudation of dharma to Hindus.

The money in the shrines of our deities, if utilized well, can impart Dharma Shikshan (education about abiding Dharma) to about 95 crore Hindus, a Sanskrut school can be opened in every village, a Gaushala (cowshed) , an ayuvedic hospital can be opened and there can also be a Gurukul (a school to nurture vedic culture). This will lead to the revival of Vedic culture, awakening of Dharmabhimaan (self-esteem about Dharma), an awakened Hindu will never get converted into any other so called Dharma, leaving the noble Sanatan Dharma. However, the treasurers and decision-makers of such shrines themselves do not know the importance of this. Hence, the age is known as Kaliyug (the age of Kali). They do not understand that so much of Dharmaglaani (denigration of Dharma) has been caused due to lack of Dharmaacharan (abiding by the code of conduct as per Vedic Dharma) and a situation of Trahi Maam (Have mercy on us!) exists all around. Whenever Dharma receives a blow , the religious shrines are attacked, then how will the money remain secure? History bears testimony to the fact that how the vicious Anti Hindu invaders have converted Hindu religious shrines into graveyards and mosques. – Tanuja Thakur

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