Attitude of Hindus towards their nearby temples

Ignoring the temple of God Shiva in front of the house and proceeding on a pilgrimage to Kailash Mansarovar, people feel that they will get God Shiva’s grace ! Time has come and now the temples around us must be converted into centres of Dharmashikshan (education about abiding Dharma)! If the Purohits (priest) of the temple are Sattvik (pure), assist them in starting a Sanskrut Varg (Sanskrut sessions) and classes to impart education on Dharma ! Attend such sessions yourself and also take your children along! Every morning and evening, perform collective Aarti. Devote some time for the maintenance of temple and perform all such Seva without any expectation just with an attitude of duty towards Dharma, utilise the leadership in you for the protection of Dharma, the divine’s blessings will start pouring automatically.-Tanuja Thakur

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