Devotee, God and Spiritual Emotion


When Shri Krushna had lifted Govardhan Parvat (mountain), the Gopas-Gopis (male and female cowherds) were not clapping. Instead, all of them tried to ontribute their mite by providing support with their lathis (sticks). They knew very well that God Krushna was capable of lifting Govardhan, but they wanted to offer their services to the divine act. This is known as Bhav (spiritual emotion). When God Rama was building the bridge across the ocean to cross over to Lanka, a squirrel covered her body with sand, thereby contributing according to its own capacity in building the bridge. Both these incidents inspire us to become a participant in contributing to the divine work according to our capacity. At present , the work of Dharma Sansthapana (establishment of Hindu Rashtra) will become a reality due to the resolve of the saints, so now it depend on us whether we become active participants in the making of history by putting our efforts, or remain a mere spectator in the entire process. – Tanuja Thakur

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