Elections are futile since no political partywill change the pathetic state of the Nation  

If we review the democratic system of governance in Bharat over the 66 years of Independence, what is the picture that emerges ? Alarming decline of the society, the Nation and Dharma !
1. Every field is riddled with corruption. Even noble professions such as health and education have not escaped its clutches.

2. Rampant spread of immoral and unethical life style in the society has made the life of women insecure in every part of Bharat.

3. With terrorists striking at will anywhere in the country and the Naxalites waging a civil war every day, Bharat is insecure internally as well as externally.

4. To destroy the Hindu community, Jihadi Muslims are active in various ways such as ‘Love Jihad’, ‘Land Jihad’ and Jihadi incidents are increasing with each passing day.

5. Cow slaughter taking place illegally every day has reduced the wealth of Bharat in the form of cows from 90 crore at the time of Independence to only 1 crore today.

6. The most sacred river in the world, Ganga, is polluted and is slowly getting transformed into a ‘dead river’.

7. The Hindus are given step-motherly treatment in their own land, and to appease the minorities, the Prime Minister says, “The Muslims have the first right on the wealth of the country”.

8. The Hindu society is living a pathetic life due to the ever rising prices, unemployment, reservation policies of the Government and Police atrocities everywhere.

O Hindus ! Remember ! The politicians of all political parties are responsible for this pathetic state of Hindus and the country. Do not have false hopes that if a party other than the ruling one is brought to power in the coming elections, the Nation and the people will progress; do not look at the elections as some ray of hope. If you think so, it will be proved that you have not learnt anything from the 66-year-old history of Bharatiya Democracy.
O Hindus ! Establishment of a Dharma-based ‘Hindu Nation’ is the only remedy for the social, national and religious problems of the Hindus and the country. By fighting an election or bringing some political party to power, the ‘Hindu Nation’ cannot be established in Bharat; but to make it a reality, we will have to have the ideal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj before us and be proactive accordingly. Not only for the welfare of the society, the Nation and Dharma, but for the welfare of the entire mankind, it is imperative to establish the ‘Hindu Nation’ in Bharat. Hence, dedicate yourself to the mission of establishing the ‘Hindu Nation’.
– Paratpar Guru H.H. Dr. Jayant  Athavale (Phalgun Krushna Paksha 11, Kaliyug Varsh 5114 [6.4.2013])

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