Clarification of Doubts

Why we should not keep the photographs of ancestors before our sight ?

Question :Why shouldn’t photographs of ancestors be kept in the house? – Reena Dixit, Guwahati  Answer :Any photograph, that is, any specific form, is always accompanied by specific word, touch, taste, smell and energy. Thus if an ancestor has not got momentum in the afterlife(Gati), then the photograph begins to emit black energy in the […]

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To what extent are Mantras and Pooja(ritualistic worship) useful to bear the effect of destiny ?

Question: According to the scriptures, Atma (soul) cannot be annihilated by anyone and the body will go only after it endures the Prarabdh (destiny).  In this, to what extent are Mantras and Puja helpful?-      Guru Prasad Yadav Answer : Atma is indestructible, this is an eternal truth.  Along with Atma, there are subtle coverings or […]

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Spiritual healing methods to counter problems by negative energies

Spiritual healing to counter problems by negative energies Question: Many people have asked me what should be done if one suffers from sleeplessness, or excessive sleep? For the last one-and-a-half years, during my dharmyatra tour across the country, diverse groups from old age folks to the youth and students have narrated to me their sleep-related […]

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Can chanting and seva decrease the severity of destiny ?

Question : I wanted to ask you a couple of advise . I live in USA but follow Hindu dharma and am also teaching those to my son who is 12 years old. We both do not eat meat and chant Vedas and he had his upnayanam and so does Gayatri twice daily. I wear […]

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Hindutvavadi Organisations

  Question : (i) A particular Hindutvavadi organisation is no longer the same that it used to be thirty years ago. Why is it so? (ii) Since my childhood, I used to regularly go to an organisation of the Guru of my parents. But ever since I grew up and after a leadership change in […]

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Clarification of doubt :Entering in Temples

Question. Why are non-hindus prohibited from entering few temples in India whereas when I went to a church in Europe they allowed me to enter there ?

Answer: The science of spirituality of the Vedic Sanskruti is of the highest standard and it should be followed to spiritually evolve as an individual and also the principles should be followed so that all people who want to grow spiritually can benefit from it . Why do people take everything on religious ground ? […]

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Can chanting be monotonous

    Question : “You say that efforts at chanting should be constant, but I find chanting monotonous, why is it so?” – Sachin Arora, Delhi. Answer: Chanting is never monotonous. If you find it so, it could be due to the following reasons : (i) When a Sadhak is troubled by negative energies, the […]

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Peace of Mind

Question : How can I attain peace of mind ? Answer: Few points which one can implement to attain peace of mind 1. Live in present , avoid brooding over the past and the future . 2. Keep chanting 3. Do dharmacharna as per vedic sanatna dharma go to this link to see what is […]

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Why Chanting is superior to other modes of Sadhna

Question : Why do u give so much stress to chanting, why is it superior to other modes of sadhana ? – Ashish Answer: Namaskar, Ashsish, Read the following points it will clarify your doubts . 1. Is waking up at the auspicious time of the Brahmamuhurt, that is 3 a.m. and purifying oneself by […]

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