To what extent are Mantras and Pooja(ritualistic worship) useful to bear the effect of destiny ?

Question: 1406458100_Ganesh_PoojaAccording to the scriptures, Atma (soul) cannot be annihilated by anyone and the body will go only after it endures the Prarabdh (destiny).  In this, to what extent are Mantras and Puja helpful?-      Guru Prasad Yadav

Answer : Atma is indestructible, this is an eternal truth.  Along with Atma, there are subtle coverings or layers, of mind, desire, intellect and ego upon the Jivatma, that force one to get enmeshed in the vicious cycle of birth and death.  We all have to undergo  fruits of actions of our pasts births which we bring in the present lifetime and is called destiny or Prarabdh .
By doing proper Sadhana, the ability to endure Prarabdh (destiny) gets created and if the seeker can accomplish the flow of divine grace, the intensity of the distress which occurs due to severe Prarabdh too gets reduced.  If one does not perform Sadhana, the Jivatma will not be able to break the shackles of life and death and after the dissolution of universe alone, will the Jivatma get liberated.  If a human being wants to escape from the cycle of happiness-grief, birth-death, spiritual practice is the only alternative available.
In every birth, man endures some part of Karmaphal (fruit of action) from Sanchit karma (accumulated past action) from the previous births  but also creates new Karmas  and after this sequence , the new sequence keeps getting repeated non-stop, hence  it is not possible to escape from the cycle of birth and death.   By performing Mantra, Puja (ritualistic worship) or any other form of Sadhana, results in our spiritual progress. Also after attaining the spiritual level of 80 %,  Karmaphal  (fruits of action ) do not get created, consequently if we undergo whatever  is instored as Sanchit,  in this birth, or few more births, we get free from the cycle of birth and death and achieve moksha (final liberation).

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