Clarification of Doubts

Culture of eating bare-handed in Indian culture

Question : Today, eating food with a spoon is considered a symbol of being modern and eating food with bare –hands is looked down upon. Can you tell why was this culture of eating bare-handed in Indian culture? Was it due to some spiritual reason ? Answer: Our Indian culture’s daily routine and rituals are […]

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Elder brother performing the Shraddh of ancestors,

  Question : Elder brothers perform the Shraddh of ancestors, in such a scenario, what should the younger brother do? Answer: If the elder brother performs Shraddh, younger brothers must remain present during the ceremony of Shraddh and be an associate in it. If this is not possible, you may send some money to the […]

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Pinda Daan at Gaya

    Question : Last year, I had been to Gaya and got the Pinda Daan (final offering for the body) done and I was told there that now I do not need to perform the Shraddha. Is it correct? Some astrologers too in my house had told me that there is Pitru Dosh and […]

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What should one do if there is excessive discord in the house?

  Spiritual healing to counter problems by negative energies What should one do if there is excessive discord in the house? It has been noticed that in the present times, the joint family system which has been the very symbol of Indian culture, has broken down and even a nuclear family of husband-wife and two […]

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Clarification of doubt : Saffron Robes

Q. By wearing saffron robes can one attain vairagya ? A. Wearing the saffron attire is like getting the form for IIT Entrance Exam , the seeker has to go a long way after that, its just a check point for mind ! If saffron attire could have controlled our mind then there would have […]

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