What should one do if there is excessive discord in the house?


Spiritual healing to counter problems by negative energies

What should one do if there is excessive discord in the house?

It has been noticed that in the present times, the joint family system which has been the very symbol of Indian culture, has broken down and even a nuclear family of husband-wife and two children cannot live happily under the same roof. Why is it so?

The root cause of the breakdown of joint family system has been deterioration in Seekerhood qualities. When Hindus stopped practising Sadhana and Dharmacharan (Righteous conduct),  deterioration in Seekerhood resulted and discord began to increase. Let us analyzeas to why  discord takes place?

  • If Prarabdh (destiny) is severe, the give-and-take gets settled by discord and tribulations.
  • If our mutual expectations don’t get fulfilled, it leads to discord.
  • If there is Vaastu Dosh (negative vibrations of premise), it too leads to discord.
  • If there is Pitru Dosh, the probability of discord between husband and wife and between brothers increases.
  • If negative energies cast a spell, there is discord in the house due to (any) one family member.
  • Upon subtle analysis(sukshma pariskhan) in the past few years, I have found that if there is Pitru Dosh in a family and one family member does not get married, the chances of him/her developing some psychological problem in the near future increases and this creates an atmosphere of discord in the entire house.
  • If one of the family members is a an addict such as a drunkard or a gambler, even then the atmosphere in the house is full of discord.


(i)                Take steps towards spiritual cleansing of the premise on a regular basis. We have discussed these in detail in the previous issues of Soham.

(ii)              For resolving Pitru Dosh, chant Shree Guru Dev Datt and perform the annual Shraddh (post death ritual for the ancestors). Perform Shraddh during Pitru Paksh (fortnight of the ancestors) and during this period, do 72 Maala (rosary) of Naam Jaap (Name chant) by chanting Shree Guru Dev Datt everyday. Worship the picture of God Dattatreya and play the CD of Datt (these are available with us).

(iii)           People who are plagued by increasing discord must do the salt-water treatment daily. They should also take bath with salt water containing Gau Mutra (cow’s urine) followed by the normal bath with clean water.

(iv)           Be vigilant two days before and two days after Poornima (Full Moon day) and Amavasya (No Moon day). Do not let discord increase at home during this period.

(v)                       Those who have psychological problems, must take a Lota (small round metal pot used in ritualistic worship) of water, put a spoonful of Gau Mutra, Tulsi Dal (a small bunch of 4-5 holy basil leaves) and a pinch of Vibhuti (sacred white ash of some yadnya or from temple) and prepare the sattvik(pure) water.  Place your right hand on its upper end so as to cover the Lota and chant “Om Namah Shivay” for 15 minutes. The affected person should drink this Abhimantrit Jal (energised water). Since the water will remain charged for three days only, you can prepare more Jal the same way and make the person drink it.

(vi)           Whenever the atmosphere of the house becomes tense, pray and do the Shastra Yuddh (armed combat). For this, pray to the One you venerate. For instance, if your benevolent one is Maa Durgaa (Goddess Durga), make a request to her, “O Mother, whichever negative energy is creating discord between my husband and son (take their respective names), may that negative energy be hit and incapacitated  by your weapons so that its powers decrease. May the black veil clouding my family members’ mind and intellect be destroyed and may your weapons create a Suraksha Kavach (protective armour) around them. This is my prayer unto Your holy feet.”  Repeat this prayer again and again.

(vii)        Whenever there is discord at home, do introspection and analyse if any of your faults was responsible for it and try to remove it. Remember we can’t change others, but if we get rid of our own ego and defects, God’s grace will follow. Discord and tribulation pollute the atmosphere in a household and destroy Lakshmi (wealth). Hence, increase your Seeker-ship qualities to avoid discord.

(viii)      If we try to eliminate our ego, the discord and tribulations can be reduced.

(ix)       Discord is reduced with increase in a spirit of sacrifice and detachment for which Sadhana should be done.

(x)         When an atmosphere of discord starts developing, detach yourself and immediately start chanting with a strong yearning to stop it.




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