Elder brother performing the Shraddh of ancestors,

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Question :

Elder brothers perform the Shraddh of ancestors, in such a scenario, what should the younger brother do?


If the elder brother performs Shraddh, younger brothers must remain present during the ceremony of Shraddh and be an associate in it. If this is not possible, you may send some money to the elder brother for the ceremony and if this too is not possible, try to offer food to a Brahmin on the day of the Shraddh. Remember, that this tradition was prevalent from the times when joint family system existed, where the eldest brother used to be the head of the household and the younger brother was called Anuj, meaning the one who follows.

If the kitchen has been divided and the minds too are not one, then all the brothers must perform the Shraddh individually according to one’s capacity. Along with it, all the family members must definitely chant 72 Malas of Shree Guru Dev Datt during pitrupaksh .

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