Peace of Mind

Question :
How can I attain peace of mind ?
Few points which one can implement to attain peace of mind
1. Live in present , avoid brooding over the past and the future .
2. Keep chanting
3. Do dharmacharna as per vedic sanatna dharma go to this link to see what is dharmaacharan . Remember the closer one is towards vedic culture the more the divinity resides within him/her.
4. Try to attend weekly satsang organsied by some spiritual organisation
5. Keep your work place and home sattvik, do vaastu shuddhi (spiritual cleansing of the premise regularly
6. Avoid watching TV and surfing net without any specific reason all these transmit black energy thereby making the mind unstable
7. Start forgiving people who have hurt you .
8. Do some service for rashtra and dharma without expectation
9. Avoid tinned and canned and hotel cooked food, if there is no option then pray and chant then have it as these kind of food are either rajsik or tamsik
10. Do some yogasan and pranayam and try to do some physical work and try to maintain a physically fit body .
11. Do  regular salt water treatment.
–  Tanuja Thakur

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