Can chanting and seva decrease the severity of destiny ?


Question : I wanted to ask you a couple of advise . I live in USA but follow Hindu dharma and am also teaching those to my son who is 12 years old. We both do not eat meat and chant Vedas and he had his upnayanam and so does Gayatri twice daily. I wear my sindoor even to work even though so many other Indians tease me about it. You are a big inspiration to me. I am learning so much so I can explain to my son as to why he has to follow our dharma even though he is born in USA and does not see others doing them. With your articles-I expain those to him and he follows what I tell him. So thank you so much for spreading this knowledge. — Aditi

Aditi, its nice to know you are  chanting and teaching dharm to your son you rightly qualify to be an ideal mother !! God bless you and your son — Tanuja Thakur
Question 1: I chant Dattas name a lot and do puja at home daily. So will that help even if sometimes I am not able to concentrate while doing puja? Will it have good effect? – Aditi
Answer:  We chant and do pooja to increase concentration, saints don’t do these and they are thoughtless !!! So don’t worry you are on the right track , remember chanting is the means as well as the end, when the mind dissolves then we need not to do sadhana and then its the end but till the time thoughts exist, chanting or pooja is the means to achieve the end . Since we have lots on sanskars (impressions) in our subconscious mind of pas many births so once we start oru regular spiritual practice the thoughts increase but with regular practice of chanting the thoughts decrease and then while doing pooja or any other worldly chore we can experience bliss and concentration.–  Tanuja Thakur
Question 2: Does nama smaran and seva really help in removing bad karma? My husbands side family members have some genetic problems that I found recently. Can this karma be overcome by puja and seva? Please advise. — Aditi

Answer : Yes, certainly why not , its depends on the spiritual level and the intensity and with how much bhav one chants and does seva . Seva has amazing effects on our destiny I have seen the destiny’s intensity miraculously getting reduced to minimum level, because of seva , so offer whatever you have for God or guru , your mind , body , wealth , intellect , time whatever you have . Start the seva and slowly increase it quantatively and qualitatively . If there is genetic disorder then you need the grace of the saint of the highest order, my personal opinion is saints are the final accountant, they can do anything but to please is saint is a hard nut to crack , and if not impossible but surely difficult to please a real saint but they day they get pleased  you are done ! They will give what you cant even imagie in the wildest pf dream so have faith continue your chanting and seva and leave the rest to God why to ask from Him,  Doesnt He know what we require !
—  Tanuja Thakur

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