Spiritual healing methods to counter problems by negative energies

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Spiritual healing to counter problems by negative energies


Many people have asked me what should be done if one suffers from sleeplessness, or excessive sleep? For the last one-and-a-half years, during my dharmyatra tour across the country, diverse groups from old age folks to the youth and students have narrated to me their sleep-related problems. When I suggested them some spiritual solutions, they confirmed their troubles having reduced.


Often, it has been noticed that the members of those households which are beset by troubles caused by negative energies either suffer from sleeplessness, or from excessive sleep, or feel lazy the entire day. Let us see what to do in such a situation.

1. If one suffers from excessive sleep, or from sleeplessness, one thing is crystal clear, that the vastu (premise) of the house is impure. Thus, one should regularly apply all solutions pertaining to purifying the Vaastu (premise). One can find the article on this topic in our previous newsletter Soham Issue 4.
2. Before going to bed, if possible, do not sleep on a bedspread that has been laid out for the entire day because negative energies are capable of making a several feet-thick black, subtle veil on the bedspread. Thus, if you experience any of these troubles like getting evil thoughts before going to sleep, sleeplessness, nightmares, severe body ache after waking up the next morning, being able to wake up only after a lot of effort or not feeling fresh even after getting up, and continuous fatigue, you must understand that you have been attacked by negative energies during the night. Following efforts should be made to tackle this:

(i) Before going to sleep, spread out a clean, white bedsheet. If the white bed sheet is clean, spiritual healing start working fast.
(ii) Before going to sleep, wash your hands and feet with clean water.
(iii) Never keep the room totally dark while sleeping. Do not use red, blue, or green ‘night bulbs’; such bulbs attract negative energies. You can, instead, use yellow, or white bulbs.
(iv) If the trouble is severe, light up an diya(lamp) with desi ghee (clarified butter), or oil, and pray to the light of the diya that it may continue to protect you from negative energies for the entire duration of the night.
(v) Light up Udbatti (Incense sticks, Agarbatti is an Urdu term hence it is tamsik), bought from a saint’s ashram (hermitage) and place them some distance away from the bed before sleeping.
(vi) Never sleep with feet pointing towards south, for our toes absorb the Raj-Tam (spiritually impure) vibrations coming from the southern direction which can increase the hardships.
(vii) Never sleep naked. This too increases troubles caused by the evil forces.
(viii) Make it a point to do atma nivedan(expressing your self analysis) to your Guru or the God you venerate, about all that happened to you during the day – good or bad.
(ix) If you have to sleep in a hotel, or at somebody else’s house, always keep two bedsheets handy, one for laying on the bed and the other one for covering yourself. Do not sleep on anyone else’s bed sheet, howsoever clean or expensive it might be. This issue should be remembered, particularly by those people who need to constantly tour. As soon as you reach the designated place, place a photograph of your Guru or the God you venerate, in the room of the hotel. This will start the process of purification of the Vaastu and within a few hours, the Vaastu will be purified to some extent.
(x) Most importantly, chant the Guru Mantra given to you, or the God you venerate, for 15 minutes before going to sleep and say a prayer thus, “Oh Almighty, the chanting that I am going to do for 15 minutes, may it protect me from negative energies for the entire night and may I be able to get up at the designated hour, please bestow such a Grace upon me. During the night, may Your sublte weapons construct a Suraksha Kavach (protective armour ) around me, bestow Thy Grace on me”. Remember, not to do this chanting lying down, for the negative energies put us to sleep before completing this chanting, so that their attack during the night can continue and they may succeed in troubling us the entire night.
(xi) You can paste spiritually pure Vaastu Sanch (stickers) on all the sides of your bed. (These stickers are available with us).
(xii) Before going to sleep, you can also read scriptures written by saints.
(xiii) You can also play the CD containing chanting Of God’s name in ‘Repeat’ mode on your laptop, or CD player. (The CDs are available with us).
(xiv) Do the salt-water remedy before retiring for the day.
(xv) You can also blow out Vibhuti (holy ash) of any Yadnya (sacrifice), or a temple, from your hand and blow it lightly on all the four sides of the bed.
(xvi) You can apply a Vibhuti Tilak (mark with holy ash on the forehead) before sleeping.
(xvii) Try not to hang pictures of film actors/actresses, dead politicians and any other Tamasic posters in the room.
Thus, you can also make ‘Sleeping’ a Yadnya Karm (a pious act) and also make efforts to ensure before going to sleep that chanting may continue in your sub-conscious even while you are asleep.After practicing like this for a while, even the sleeping time will be utilized in Sadhna. Moreover,the day the first thought that comes is chanting when you get up in the morning, you can think that your chanting continued unabated for the entire night !

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