Question. Why are non-hindus prohibited from entering few temples in India whereas when I went to a church in Europe they allowed me to enter there ?

Answer: The science of spirituality of the Vedic Sanskruti is of the highest standard and it should be followed to spiritually evolve as an individual and also the principles should be followed so that all people who want to grow spiritually can benefit from it .
Why do people take everything on religious ground ? Temple means DEVALAYA i.e. DEV + ALAY which means , the abode of the divine is called temple as per vedic definition I firmly believe every non-hindu (especially the beef eater) and who is not a follower of vedic dharma should not be allowed in the temple campus which nurtures divnity. Few people forget that the vedic sanskruti say that the women in periods, the people who have SUTAK (THE PERIOD OF THIRTEEN DAY AFTER DEATH OF BIRTH IN THE FAMILY ) should never enter the temple. The science of spirituality says that the raj and tam component in these cases increases and if hundred of people with increased raj and tam component visits the temple , it will no longer be an abode of peace as the cumulative raj and tam component will destroy the sanctity and sattva component of the place . We cannot concentrate in a pub , in a beer bar , a party, in a court, in a police station , in a hospital or in a platform as these are the places where the raj and the tam component are at its peak , to enable the mind to enjoy blissful state in the initial stage, a place which is full of divinity is a must , it is the moral duty of every spiritualist to maintain the sanctity of the temple of vedic sanskruti !
If the hindu is also a beef eater then he should be also thrown out of the campus, even a corrupt hindu, a traitor also should not be allowed to enter the temple premise . And a sattvik soul who can belong to any religion but a follower of spiritualty should be allowed in the temple .
If a person is really at a saintly level then he does not need to go any temple because he can experience the divine in heart itself, the saints are the basically the MOBILE TEMPLE as they continuously radiate divine chaitnya ! -Tanuja Thakur

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