The so called Gurus of Kaliyug (Age of Kali) !

The so called Gurus of Kaliyug, without looking at the spiritual capacity of the person grant them the right to chant Gayatri Mantra,  or to read the Vedas. If a person below the spiritual level of 50% chants Gayatri Mantra, or Om, they cannot endure the power of that Mantra and if a person below 60% spiritual level reads Vedas, such a person cannot grasp the essence of Vedas, but reading the Vedas increases the ego and many a times they misinterprete the meaning; however, for the so called Gurus of Kaliyug all the grains are of the same worth and with a glut of ineligible devotees with such Gurus, their ego touches the seventh heaven. Those who teach that which is against Dharma and spiritual science, can they be saints at all ? However, today’s many Hindus consider them to be their adorable ones. Hence, it is of prime importance that Hindus be imparted how to increase their subtle knowledge, to impart qualified Sadhana and the science of spirituality.-Tanuja Thakur

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