Dharmaacharan (abiding righteousness) by parents has positive effect upon the children

A rural adage goes thus: “Baadhe poot pita ke dharme, upaje apne karme”, meaning ‘Dharmaacharan done by parents has positive effect upon the children and hard work is essential to do farming.’ Nowadays, neither do parents do Sadhana, nor Dharmaacharan. On the contrary, they indulge in blind imitation of the satanic characters of western culture and consequently, become sad when their children become directionless. Actually, children love emulation and easily imbibe the traditions followed by family members. Sadhana is so subtle that it becomes inherent in the culture of the family. No other culture in the world, except Vedic culture is based on Sattva-Guna (essence of purity). Hence, it is the basic Dharma of every parent to sow the seeds of Vedic cultural traditions in their children.-Tanuja Thakur

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