O Hindus ! Do not choose the name of your child from foreign languages


Today’s Hindu parents, just to give their child a unique name, have started choosing names from Arabic, Persian, Urdu, English, French and many other foreign languages. Earlier, parents would wisely choose names of gods and goddesses, Avatars (incarnations), Rushi-Munis (seers), Yug-Purush (defining personalities of the times), Mahapurush (great personalities), Rashtrapurush (leading personalities of the nation), virtuous women or  words from Sanskrut or Tatsam words (words derived from Sanskrut language) with qualitative and beautiful meaning, so that the name is Sattvik and it benefits the child from spiritual viewpoint. During the present times, in the desire to do something uncommon, drifting away from our cultureand imitation the Tam predominant cultures of the world has become the greatest fashion ! Salutation to the modern concept of parenthood in the Hindus. – Tanuja Thakur

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