Yearning, Obstacles and our Spiritual Level

The most important factor to keep in mind for spiritual progress is an ‘intense yearning’.  If we possess this yearning, we can overcome every obstacle and continue to progress on the path of spirituality.  Please remember, there is no obstacle in the world which does not have a way to overcome it.  Thus, seekers must always make an effort to overcome the hurdles and try to forge ahead regardless. According to my Shreeguru Paratpar guru Dr.  Jayant  Athavale, there are  three factors – yearning, obstacles and our own spiritual level  that play important roles in our spiritual progress.

Yearning, obstacles and our spiritual level:          

Importance of yearning in spiritual progress is as high as 80%, whereas obstacles and our own spiritual level play a role only to the an extent of 10 per cent each. Thus, seekers who do not continue spiritual practice on the pretext of facing various obstacles, must understand that the real reason is a lack of yearning on their part.

So, the question arises, how to increase the yearning?

For that, please read the following points carefully and try to implement them in your life.

  • Implant the impression and importance of spiritual practice in your subconscious mnd mind. For this, initially read, simple, comprehensible books written by saints initially. India’s famous saints and yogis made their life worth emulating sadhana(spiritual practice). Thus, we must keep at it. Setting up of certain goals with regards to spiritual progress will help you in your determination.
  • Intellectually, understand the importance of sadhana .
  • Human life is extremely precious and by continuous spiritual practice we can make good use of this life. This fact should be imprinted in our mind.
  • After death, only the most subtle things go with us. Spiritual practice is the subtlest of all which gets easily carried forward with the embodied soul. It also makes the journey after death, easier.
  • As our mouth gets sweetened after having jaggery, similarly spiritual practice mitigates the material and spiritual obstacles and the mind begins to remain in constant bliss.
  • The one who has continued spiritual practice efficiently does get everything he seeks from God: from worldly fame and pleasure, to spiritual bliss. This can be easily experienced by every seeker after practising sadhana. – (H. H.) Tanuja Thakur

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