Dharmshikshan among Hindus

Except Hindus, followers of all other religions and sects keep making efforts to provide Dharmashikshan to their children. Only Hindu parents rather than providing Dharmashikshan since childhood, get active in teaching them tricks of the trade to earn money!! Leaving the finest Dharma, culture and scriptures, no other parents, or guardians in the world, except Hindu parents, make such serious efforts to paint their children in the hues of western culture!!!  Really, today’s Hindu has become totally blind intellectually!

An ordinary Muslim girl may, or may not be able to read an English book, but surely knows how to read Quran!  Today, a majority of Hindu girls in cities may, or may not be able to write mathematical numerals in Hindi, or read Sanskrut shlokas, but surely know how to read English!!  Thus, where is the surprise if Hindu girls are being sacrificed at the altar of ‘Love Jihad’.-Tanuja Thakur

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