Importance of Ritualistic worship

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I have found many seekers don’t feel like doing ritualistic worshipping as they have an egoistic notion that they are already connected to the Supreme being , but I feel even if you are at that high spiritual level , doing pooja for fifteen minutes ( the entire process takes that much time ) is a means to offer your gratitude to God who helped you reach that spiritual level where you can boast of being connected to the divine.
The results of doing pooja everyday are
1. It attracts the deity principle of the universe to the place we stay .
2. It invokes the deities to protect us the entire day from negative forces
3. It increases our love for the manifest form of God , until or unless we have bhav (spiritual emotion) for God traversing towards the nirgun is next to impossible.
4. If we have guests in our house , its our prime duty to entertain them at our best with whatever we have, doing pooja is basically offering our services to the manifest form of god present in the form of deities in our pooja temple
5. If we do pooja in our temple with bhav everyday , the whole vastu gets charged due to the divinity present in temple and we can experience the divinity in the house like we experience when we visit some holy temple or shrine
6. It helps our children to have faith in God and abide dharma
7. Last but not the least all householders have to pay the five debt told by the sages in our scriptures , by doing pooja and aarti everyday we infact start repaying the debt unto deities and invoke their blessings for consistency in our qualified spiritual practice.
Hence do the ritualistic pooja and aarti everyday as a part of sadhana.

How to do everyday pooja – clean the temple , clean the photos or statues, offer dhoop, deep , gandh, pushp and naivedya and sing at least one aarti of the guru or the benevolent deity. So seekers ! spend fifteen minutes of your day after bath and see the difference !! -Tanuja Thakur  (2.4.2014)

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