Contented life of a householder

For a contented life of a Gruhastha (householder), the tendencies of husband-wife should be similar, either both the man-woman must possess the tendency to enjoy and lead a material based married life and enjoy temporal pleasures, or the seeker couple must have a tendency of a Yogi (ascetic) to lead a blissful, householder’s life along with attaining their spiritual objectives. If either of the two has a tendency towards enjoyment and the other is a Yogi, implying is spiritual, the equilibrium of marital life gets disturbed. As such, a seeker being must behave according to Parecchha (desire of other partner) and must endure and undergo one’s Prarabdh (destiny) and in case of build-up of severe Mumukshutva (yearning) must renounce the household and engage in Sadhana.-Tanuja Thakur

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