Who is a saint ?

Sadhna1. A person whose mind and intellect is tuned to the universal mind and universal intellect.
2. A person whose ego is in unison with the universal ego
3. A person who is not interested in material life but in totally engrossed in the well being of humanity as a whole and serves humanity perceiving the Supreme Soul in every being !
4. A person who has the knowledge of the subtle world.
5. A person who is full of divine love so even if he abuses or reprimands a person the sin of other person nullifies.
6. A person who can perceive past , present and future without any effort.
7. A person whose presence itself has amazing healing powers
8. A person whose actions cannot be analysed by normal intellect .
9. A person who has amazing magnetic pull !
10. A person who can control the functioning of our mind and intellect if we in any way serve Him/ Her !!
11. A person who can not only change the destiny of a person but can change the destiny of the nations !
12 In short He/ She is the ruler of the universe ! Here I am talking of PURN saint (a saint who is at 90% 0r more than that in unison with the divine ) !!! There are a few saints of this order in the universe , say u can count them on your fingers !!! – Tanuja Thakur

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