What is the difference between a Saint and a Guru?


Answer: Saints too are at different spiritual levels as per their spiritual practice, saints of the status of Guru (70% spiritual level) emit vibrations of Shakti (energy); saints at the status of Sadguru (spiritual master) at 80% spiritual level, are saints of the next higher level and they emit vibrations of bliss. These vibrations are even more subtle than vibrations of Shakti. The saints of the highest status – Paratpar level – are at a spiritual level of more than 90% and they emanate vibrations of peace.
All Gurus are saints, but all saints are not Gurus. The status of a Guru is a difficult one and many a time, saints are not willing to accept this status because they like to remain in a state of bliss. The mere existence of such saints maintains the Sattvikta (purity) of the universe.  Some saints remove the spiritual problems of devotees, but they are not desirous of accepting someone as their disciple and take one to Moksha (liberation), for saints know that merely accepting one as a disciple is not enough, they are also not interseted in teaching spirituality to the masses. Till the time the disciple attains Moksha, it continues to be a responsibility of the Guru.
Hence, many Gurus remain alert while accepting disciples and only accept eligible seekers as disciples. Merely by accepting the status of a Guru, saints make progress towards Final Liberation at a rapid pace.  God does not select every saint to be a Guru, He confers the status of a Sadguru only upon those who have a special ability to teach others, possess a maternal affection and are forgiving in nature.- Tanuja Thakur

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