An Ascetic Saint

• Once a saffron clad Yogi told me, “Had I known before that God can be attained even without taking renunciation and wearing orange robe , I would not have become a renunciant. Today, after leading a life of an ascetic for ten years, I have not had a vision of God and I am extremely anxious for it.”
I replied, “First of all, please know that only sages, saints and scholars have defended and preserved Sanatan Dharma. If both, an ascetic saint and a householder saint have to be invoked, the ascetic saint should be saluted first, this has been taught to us by our Shree Guru. In pure terms, in this stark era of Kaliyug (age of Kali) abiding Dharma as an ascetic is extremely difficult; hence, everyone should have a respectful feeling for an ascetic Saint_In. As far as Self Realisation is concerned, the initiation into renunciation allows the activation and blossoming of the loyalty towards our culture and Dharma, it brings discipline at the physical level, as a result of which it becomes easy to have mental and spiritual discipline. Our becoming an ascetic , or a householder, is not in our hands, this is determined by our Prarabdh (destiny) whether we will be a renunciant, or a worldly person! Several factors are responsible for the Self Realisation and it is possible only through a proper coincidence of Sanchit (accumulated actions from previous births), Purushaarth (active pursuit) and proper Sadhana. Thus, do not get dejected being a worldly person, nor cultivate a remorse on being an ascetic. Do appropriate spiritual practices, keeping the basic focus in mind and proceed on the path of Sadhana with faith and resolve, God will surely fulfill your desires, such is my belief!”-Tanuja Thakur

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