Sattvik lifestyle : part -1

After reading my articles, few people ask me how they can make their lifestyles more Sattvik (spiritually pure). From today onwards, I would share two such points everyday. If you want, you may implement them in your day-to-day life :
(i) Instead of making a film song as the caller tune of your cellphone, put a Sattvik tune e.g. bhajan or a Naamjap (chanting) as the caller tune. The person listening to it will develop a Saatvik Bhav (spiritual emotion) and Sattvik vibrations will pervade the environment. In one way, through this small attempt you can also contribute in a small measure in reducing spiritual pollution (predominance of Raj-Tama vibrations are actually a spiritual pollution).
(ii) Begin the conversation over the phone with a ‘Namaskar’ instead of saying Hello! When we wish someone ‘Namaskar’, it implies bowing to the Aatmattv (principle of Self) in the other person. The word ‘Hello’ does not contain any such spiritual component . – H.H Tanuja Thakur

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