Adopt Sanatan Dharma

• Just like a person who is standing on the 100 th floor (the implication here is not literal, but figurative, implying a saint at 100% spiritual level), will be able to see the widest possible expanse of the city; similarly the subtle senses of saints, sages and ascetics who have attained Absoluteness and are 100% awakened. Hence, those who express contrary views on life after death in aacordance with Vedic Sanatan Dharma, are not saints who have realised Absoluteness (means reached 100% unision witht he Almighty). This parameter should be remembered; and all the founders of religious sects who propounded anti-Sanatan Dharma viewpoint about life after death and post death rites had not attained Absoluteness. Hence, without any hesitation, adopt the Dharmsiddhant (tenets) of Sanatan Dharma, making your life a glorious one !-Tanuja Thakurview from top

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