Hindu Customs prevent the infection of black energy unlike western norms

Today 50 % of the common people and 70% seekers are suffering from the problems cause due to the attacks of negative energies of the subtle world , Reason lack of abiding the basic tenets of vedic sanatan dharm in day to day life  ! Have a …look how foresighted our seers were who introduced namaskar instead of the modern (western) ways of greeting – hand shake , hugging , kissing which easily transmit negativity of the other person without the other person’s knowledge ! Get awakened O so called Westernized Hindus before its too late !! Share and spread the science of spirituality . Serve Dharma and be blessed !!
The act of a handshake makes us more prone to an attack by negative energy existing in the other individual and it also provides a means for the negative energy in the other individual to enter into us. In fact, this type of greeting with contact makes us twice as vulnerable to an attack by negative energies in the other person as opposed to a greeting without contact. -Tanuja Thakur

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