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Few of my readers have the habit of critically analysing and comenting on the pictures of the deites that I post along with the articles, so let me just bring to your kind notice , I have started posting the picture along with the article on few of my readers’ request who read my article on mobile phone and they cant share the article if it does not have a picture , so my humble request to all my readers is, kindly be focussed on the article and not on the pictures , I am not here to share the pictures but to spread the tenets of Dharma . Today most of the pictures of deities that are made by artists are not as per moortivigyan as the artists neither do qualified spiritual practice nor do they get get linked to divine principle while they make the pictures but still I try to chose the best and most sattvik among them before I post in my account and this fact I always tell hindus in my satsangs, hence our shreeguru has already published (printed) few main deities’ pictures which have been made under His guidance by artist-seekers who have evolved sixth sense and who can in fact draw pictures pertaining to the principle of the deites by connecting to the divine principle, one such picture I am posting right now . So many times even knowingly one has to overllook the fact and do the things for broader perspective. Hope you understand my viewpoint. – Tanuja Thakur

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