Yesterday someone asked me why only Vedic sanatan dharm has deep insight into life after death , why other sects either disbelief this SUBTLE process or do not stress on rituals for alleviation of unsatiated souls after death ?
I replied ” this is the simple difference between God created dharma and man made dharma !! The different kinds of dharma (I prefer calling them sect ) started only after kaliyug commenced , basically the founders of these sects neither had guru nor were the followers of vedas , neither they did bhakti of Deities of highest order like Datta, Krushna , Shiva Durga , Ganapati, Ram all of these founders were self procliamed incarnations or saints in fact most of these founders were at 60% level and didnt even qualify the saintly level , hence they eaisly got into the cobweb of mantrik (the negative energies of the ether world ) and with their power they started all these sects whose precept contradict the basic tenets of vedic sanatan dharma !!! And hence their followers are suffering the most by the attacks from the negative energies and and neither do they have saints in their sect. The logic is very simple at 100th floor the vision of the city will be wider that at 60th floor , this is the case with all the sects !-Tanuja Thakur

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