Who are Saints?


External Satsang is of many types. First of all, let us understand what is the best external Satsang? The best external Satsang is the company of saints. Who are saints? The manifest form of the
omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent principle of God means saints. Thus, saints are omnipresent and omnipotent.
Those who have performed intense Sadhana and attained unison with God are called saints; but the number of such saints in Kaliyug is very small. We cannot recognise saints with our physical eyes and gross intellect. What is the reason?
Let us look at and understand the spiritual definition of a saint. A Jivatma whose mind, intellect and ego are totally dissolved and they have become one with the universal mind and universal intellect, is called a saint. How can a person whose mind, intellect and ego have dissolved be recognised by an ordinary person with five senses and a normal gross intellect ? Therefore, to understand saints and experience the same, a solid foundation of Sadhana is required or one should possess evolved sixth senses, or there should be a Bhav (spiritual emotions) towards God. Else, even if you are in the company of saints, you will not be able to recognise them.

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