Importance of satsang (holy company )

Try to attend a weekly Satsang. Attending a Satsang provides the necessary energy to do chanting and just as an inverter makes up for a power cut and runs our electrical equipment, similarly the impact of Sattvikta (purity) received from a Satsang remains for a week and we get the energy to do chanting. The best path in Kaliyug is to do chanting of God’s names. Although it appears simple, but to do chanting continuously, our spiritual level must certainly be at least at 45%. At present, the spiritual level of ordinary people is 20-25% and as such, doing chanting is difficult. Due to excessive Raj and Tam (spiritually impure) vibrations in the environment, the mind is not able to concentrate and continuity in chanting is not possible.
We will take a look at an Anubhuti of how attending a Satsang regularly helps in doing chanting continuously. In 1999, when I was doing the Seva of Dharma Prasaar, two women came to attend a Pravachan. Both were friends. After listening to the Satsang, both started doing chanting. After three months, when I again met both of them together, I came to know that one lady who had started attending the Satsang regularly had started chanting very well, while the other lady had stopped doing chanting after one month. Both women were at the same spiritual level of 40%. Those below 40% level must attend a Satsang regularly in order to be able to do chanting continuously, otherwise doing chanting and increasing its quantity becomes difficult. By regularly attending a weekly Satsang, we keep receiving the requisite Chaitanya (divine consciousness) and the conducive energy required for making spiritual progress.

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