When Shri Krushna had lifted Govardhan Parvat (mountain), the Gopas-Gopis (male and female cowherds) were not clapping. Instead, all of them tried to make a contribution by providing support with their lathis (sticks). They knew very well that God Krushna was capable of lifting Govardhan, but they wanted to contribute their mite to the divine act. This is known as Bhav (spiritual emotion).

Humble request to all the Facebook Members  to come forward and contribute for the Spiritual Cause.

Please comment how you would like to contribute:

Email your friend: U may  email our articles  to your friends and family to share this knowledge with them. They may just benefit the same way you have.

Pass on new article and event alerts:. You can pass the alert on to your circle of friends and family, or people who you think might be interested in the spiritual research and knowledge or ready to start spiritual practice.

 Post links in online forums: You can post our links /article on various online forums of like-minded groups that you may be associated with.

If you have access to the media

Publishing/featuring our Articles in print: If you are an editor or journalist of a publication, you could look at covering some of the spiritual research we have done.

Broadcasting our video material: If you are a lecturer, a teacher, a volunteer for an organisation with similar interests, a well wisher, decision maker or a media representative with an opportunity to broadcast our video material, kindly contact us.

If you are from a like-minded organization

 Lecture at your facility: Our mission is to share the knowledge about the spiritual realm with people who have an interest for it.,our lectures would benefit your members, kindly contact us.

You have good command over English and am also fluent in another language

Translation satseva: Translation of our articles into languages other than English enables Internet readers across the globe. Should you wish to volunteer your skills and service to translate our articles in your native language like French, Spanish, German, Mandarin, etc.  kindly contact us.

Doing  Satseva  or service unto the Absolute Truth.

 Attending satsang: Do attend the lectures and satsangs regularly and ask questions. This will help begin or complement your spiritual journey.

 Setting up satsangs:. Should you wish to volunteer your time, energy and skills to organise a satsang or a lecture for people around you may contact us .

You have access to a hall that can be used for lectures free-of-charge or at subsidized rates.  Please inform us if you would like to offer this facility that you have and we can keep it on record if we hold lectures in your area.

 You would like to donate Money

Use the ‘Make a donation’ facility: We are  a non-profit organisation whose mission is to serve humanity by sharing spiritual research incurs a certain cost in this process. The cost is covered by offerings from seekers who are doing spiritual practice, well wishers and volunteers. Should you wish to donate to the mission, kindly go to the ‘ link.

Your monetary contribution will be entitled for deductions under The Income Tax Laws of India.

Sponsor an event:  On a monthly basis, we organise many lectures and spiritual meetings free-of-charge, worldwide. Our seekers contribute their time, energy, skills and finances to organize these events. Should you wish to sponsor our event in any city do contact us via the ‘post a comment’ functionality.

You have been helped by doing the spiritual practice recommended by Us

 Share Your experiences:. It would benefit the wider community if we could publish them as case studies or spiritual experiences. In this regard, do document your experiences and share them with us via the ‘post a comment’ functionality. We will ask your permission before publishing them. Even if you don’t want them published, we would still love to know if you have been benefited

You have specific skills in  video editing

 Video editing: Help catalogue and edit priceless footage of spiritual research that has been collected over a period of more than 4 years.-H.H Tanuja Thakur


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