The principle facts of Sadhana of Tejopasana (the spiritual practice of fire element) :

Om is a symbol of the unmanifest Brahma. Om is the most powerful Mantra in the universe; the entire universe and the Vedas were created out of it ; hence, there cannot be any other Mantra as potent as this. If one does not possess the spiritual capability and chant it or if one prefixes it to a chant, that person could experience troubles. Like Paracetamol is a medicine to drive away fever; but if a one-year-old child is given a 500-mg potency tablet, it could spell disaster, similarly if the Mantra is not as per the spiritual capacity, it spells a spiritual disaster and the impact is felt on the gross body, mind or intellect of that seeker. There are about 2% of people in society, who can have problems if they chant Om. Whether we fall into the category of 2% people, only saints can tell us; hence, as far as possible, we must not chant Om, or Gayatri Mantra, Mahamritunjay Mantra, Navaarnav etc, as they are related to Tejtattva (fire element), for chanting such Mantras increases the energy in our subtle body and at times, Suryva Naadi gets activated automatically. If this happens and we are not able to endure that energy and if we do not have a Guru in our life, we can undergo physical and mental problems like, sleeplessness, excessive anger, profuse sweating, mental instability, women developing problems pertaining to reproductive organs and it can result in miscarriage, various problems during menstrual periods, etc.
If Guru has given the chant of Om, we can do its chanting, for the resolve of the Guru imparts us the strength to endure the chant. If one suffers from problems caused by negative energies and the Sadhana of the negative energy causing the problem is intense, even then Om can be prefixed to a Mantra or a deity’s chant for a specific period. -Tanuja Thakur

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