For spiritual progress, completion of Seva with perfection is important

Be it the Seva(service) of Saguna(manifest) or Nirguna(unmanifest0, completion of Seva with perfection is a must. Let us look at the points that must be remembered while doing Seva.
Saguna Seva means serving a saint and Nirguna Seva implies serving the mission of saints, or performing Dharma Prasar Seva (service of spreading spirituality).
• If Seva is accompanied amidst chanting, prayers and concluded with gratitude, consider yourself to be a seeker, otherwise you will not be doing Seva, but work like a karyakarta(worker) and it will not result in spiritual progress.
• While doing Seva, rather than thinking that I am doing Seva, one must do Seva with a sense of gratitude and the Bhav that God has granted me this golden opportunity.
• While doing Seva, by obeying senior seekers, or Guru, Manolaya (the dissolution of mind) and Buddhilaya (dissolution of intellect) takes place at a quicker pace. Hence it does not take us long to tune with the universal mind and universal intellect.
•  Consistent Seva without expectation leads to spiritual progress.
• If several mistakes are made during a Seva, the Seva becomes futile. Hence, Seva should be free of mistakes.
• Before doing a Seva, the prior preparations for the Seva must be made. For instance, whatever objects are required, must be collected before doing the Seva.
• Whatever be the medium of Seva, inanimate or animate mediums, maintain the Bhav of love and gratitude towards them too, for without it, Seva will not be possible, or one will have problems in doing the Seva.
• In the present times, the problems caused by negative energies are at the peak. Hence, till the time Seva is completed, one must chant and pray
• While doing Seva¸ observe whether the mind is blissful or not. Remember that the basic objective of Seva is attainment of bliss. Hence, if while performing Seva, anger, or any of the Shadaripus (six enemies), or the formation of an alternative become strong, the benefits of Seva do not accrue.
• Timely completion of Seva is of paramount importance.
• Introspect the mistakes made during Seva and if you are not able to analyse anything, ask your co-seekers. Never forget that Seva is a medium for the elimination of defects and enhancement of qualities.
• Do not forget to write down the mistakes made during a Seva so that the same mistake is not repeated. If the mistake is a major one and the society is being harmed or the mission has to face a loss as a result of it, one must surely undertake atonement.
• Any Seva that we get results in our spiritual progress. No Seva is mean.
• By offering whatever God has given us with a Nishkaam Bhav (spiritual emotion without desire or expectation of fruit) and offering Kartapan (sense of doership) without making a mistake, divine grace gets transacted.-Tanuja Thakur

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