Mumukshutva – Intense desire for self-realisation

Once a disciple asked Ramkrishna Paramhans, “What is the most important attribute to realize God?” Swamiji replied with simplicity – “Mumukshutva (Intense desire for self-realisation.)” The disciple asked, “Can you please explain what is Mumukshutva (intense desire for self-realisation) ?”

Swamiji said, “I will tell you when the time comes.” A few days passed, but Swamiji did not speak a single word about the topic to the disciple. One day both of them set out for a dip in river Ganga. No sooner had the disciple proceeded for the dip and put his head inside the water, Swami ji pressed it inside without letting him take the head out of the water. The disciple tried to take his neck out to breathe, but Swami ji would not let him do so. Within a few moments, the disciple felt that he would drown and die in the water. Just then, Swami ji relaxed his grip on the disciple’s head. As soon as the disciple took his head out of water, he said, “Had I stayed in water for one more second, I would have died !” Swami ji replied smilingly, “I was explaining you the meaning of Mumukshutva.” Surprised, the disciple asked, “how?” Swami ji replied, “The longing that you experienced inside the water to breathe, when you develop that kind of a longing to realize God, that is known as Mumukshutva .”-Tanuja Thakur

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