Pinda Daan at Gaya

Question: Last year, I had been to Gaya and got the Pinda Daan (final offering for the body) done and I was told there that now I do not need to perform the Shraddha. Is it correct? Some astrologers too in my house had told me that there is Pitru Dosh and after Pinda Daan at Gaya, my problems would recede, whereas nothing of the sort happened. There has been no alleviation in the problems of o
ur household. In such a situation, should I again perform the Shraddha again during this Pitru Paksh?
– Rohit Tiwari, Lucknow
Answer: Scriptures do say that there is no need to perform Shraddha after performing one at Gaya; however, if there is the slightest deviation from the procedure while performing the Shraddha, its benefits do not accrue. Several times, people perform the Shraddha at Gaya, with a thought of somehow being done with this work, in such a situation too, Shraddha does not provide any benefit. Secondly, during the present times, not one, but several ancestors are disquiet and restless, our ancestors are not merely our parents and grandparents. For the last 100 years, lack of Dharmaacharan has increased problems in Hindu households, particularly the ignoring of Pitru Karma by the menfolk, common man not doing Sadhana et al; thus, my research of the subtle world shows that in the last 50 years, about 50% of the ancestors in Hindu households have not got Gati; hence, in several households, there is Pitru Dosh of a severe level. In such a situation, even if one group of unsatiated ancestors got Gati after performing a Shraddha at Gaya, this news spreads like wildfire in the subtle world and other unsatiated ancestors of that clan start giving problems. Side by side, if an ancestor had done good Sadhana; but at the time of death, if a desire is left unfulfilled they get Brahma Rakshasa, or Brahma Pishach Yoni. Only saints of a high calibre can provide Gati to such ancestors; hence, if there is Pitru Dosh of a severe level, you can receive the grace of saints by becoming associated with their work, directly or indirectly. You will not be able to provide Gati to your ancestors even after doing several years of Sadhana than saints, who possess the ability to provide Gati to your ancestors within a few moments through the sheer power of their resolve; thus, become eligible for divine grace, or saint’s grace by contributing your mite to Dharma Kaarya and easily free yourself from problems caused by ancestors. If there is a Pitru Dosh of a severe level, chant Shree Guru Dev Datt for 5-6 hours regularly too even after the period of Pitrupaksh.

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